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The agricultural marketplace is just as fiercely competitive as any other and our clients achieve real results from the distinction they achieve by working with us.

We have seen a rapid growth in publications’ use of multimedia, e.g. podcasts and video interviews. Providing visually-rich content to publications is critical for PR people and organisations.

We have invested in top quality digital video production equipment to develop videos for a variety of applications, including:

* Video News Releases (VNRs)
* Stud Livestock videos
* Testimonial-based short videos for website integration

Short video clips can be broadcast on social media, emailed to clients, they can build on the value of your website, can be emailed to the media to keep your name in the forefront of their minds, etc. 

Click on the YouTube icon to Subscribe to the Lawson Communications ("LawsonCommunications") YouTube Channel.

Here are two recent Sale Highlights Videos Amy produced for Kerin Poll Merino Stud, following the stud's 2016 and 2017 ram sales:


Here are two of the videos we produced for Haddon Rig Merino Stud to assist with their 2013 stud marketing campaign:

Here are two videos we compiled for NSW farm machinery manufacturer, Davimac:


Visit our Lawson Communications YouTube Channel to view the many other videos we have produced for our clients.

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